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Thankyou for visiting our website, we are the one and only Boys' Brigade company left in Loughborough out of 4, a very active and flourishing company with over 30 members and staff, The 1st Loughborough Company has served the community now for 75 years, We have recently just Celebrated the companies 75th anniversary since it's founding in 1938. A 75th badge was presented for the celebration like the one above. Read article in the news section about the big '75' celebration or visit the Big 75 Page.
Do you have a Son or Daughter from the ages of 5 and want what's best for them, then why not bring them along to the Boys' or Girls' Brigades read about them on their pages.
It Does not matter which part of Loughborough you live in, we cover both sides with Trinity and Knightthorpe Methodist Churches, find out about them on our pages.
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We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website.  Please feel free to leave a comment on our Guest book we value your feedback or Input.

The Girls' Brigade are currently seeking new leaders or helpers to be part of the team, do you feel like a challenge then contact us for more info
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New events dates confirmed for 2014.

Remember Next Saturday 29th March is Earth Hour.

Trial 1 Day Expedition this Saturday 15th March.

Warhammer session Wednesday 19th March from 7.45pm

Next Wednesday 19th February is half term, no BB.

Next Warhammer Session is the 19th March from 7.45pm.

Warhammer Gaming starts 1st session on 5th February 2014.

BB starts back on the 15th and the GB start back on the 16th January.

Brigades Finish and start dates (Company Section have now finished for Christmas)

Brigades Carol Service coming up on the 12th December.

Knightthorpe Enrolment.

No BB and GB half term week 23rd and 24th October.

GB Juniors go on their weekend camp this weekend starting 13th September.

Subs and Uniform latest.

75th Anniversary party for our members.

Juniors Weekend Camp.

Exhibition is up and running slide show will be this evening, party celebration is this evening Sat 17th from 7.00pm.

The 75th Anniversary is here....Yippeee!, Happy Birthday 1st Loughborough BB......click to read more.

The Brigades are back from camp, they had a great time.

London Trip this Friday 26th July by now all seats should be filled and paid for, have a good time.

GB Awards results sheet is now available on the GB Home page.

All ex-members and members including their families are invited to the big 75, contact us now.

75th anniversary weekend in August.

75th celebrations social event in August for members and parents and ex-members.

Water Station for the Barrow Runners this Sunday 30th June

Picnic\BBQ at Beacon on 29th June from 1.00pm.

Inspection Results for Company\Seniors now available here.

University fun day went well with £127.51 raised.

Canal Festival got off to a slow start but turned out well.

Come Dine with the GB, a lovely turnout.

Brigades trip to Parliament date is confirmed.

Plans are to change and update the GB page.

No BB or GB for 2 weeks, Happy Easter to all.

New Fundraising page added with easyfundraising.

There will be a History section on the Boys' Brigade in Loughborough.

Knightthorpe getting off to a good start.

Bad turn out for Knightthorpe Start.

No BB on the 13th Half term.

Company Supper Saturday.

Knightthorpe BB start date is confirmed......

We are expanding out to Knightthorpe Area under our banner

A Merry Christmas to everyone

Brigades band nomination for the Pride of Charnwood award.

Coming soon to this site, The Video section.

A successful Remembrance parade the band leaded it well.

Website has had a slight face lift mainly on design.

New events added to events calendar

There will not be any BB on the 24th Oct as it is Half Term week.

Queen' message from the Diamond Jubilee see company news.

We are now collecting Active kids Vouchers from Sainsbury's, Start collcting for us now.



Our BB Sections

Meet the gang cus' the boys are here!.....click on one of the BB Boys to go to their page.

Following the proposal in 1913 from the Glasgow Battalion Council for the award of a King’s Badge, the Brigade Executive applied to the King for permission and it was granted. Thus came into being the Brigade’s highest award the centenary of which is celebrated during 2013.
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Checkout our Events and News section calendar to see what's on, What we are doing and where.

Recruitment Badges

This Year in 2013 the Boys Brigade introduced a new scheme, the recruitment scheme, with this 3 new badges have been released that can be gained by any members at any time throughout his time in the BB for introducing a friend or new member to his group there are Bronze, Silver and Gold, Bronze is for 1 member, Silver is for three or more and Gold is for five or more see diagram below.


For BB and our History click photo below,find out what we were like.

Check out GB of the 1st Loughborough

Company they are joint with BB for camp and band...Click logo

Check out the Brigades band here joint boys' and girls' Brigades and find out what sort of things they get up to also band competitions

Juniors Camp 19-21st October 2013 at Grimston Hall.....click image


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Click logo below to see camp with the boys' and girls' Brigades find out about their camp activities and where they have been.

The Peg Nativity 2013

Created by our Junior Section members for Christmas

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